Surviving Load Shedding: Essential Tech Accessories to Keep You Powered Up

Loadshedding has been an ongoing issue for years and has shown no signs of ending any time soon. This blackout crisis comes with many inconveniences that interrupt daily life with network and connectivity disturbances leading to productivity losses, traffic, safety concerns and so much more. Common complaints and concerns, especially concerning devices include damage due to sudden power surges, faster battery drainage, data loss, and decreased efficiency; the effects are wide-ranging and often underestimated therefore it’s crucial to prioritise the protection and maintenance of electronic devices and household appliances to alleviate the risk that load shedding causes. With the frequent power fluctuations, it’s important to invest in the right gadgets to safeguard your devices and Dress Your Tech has some gadgets that will help ease the load:   


Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) - Investing in a UPS can provide a reliable backup power source to keep your devices running smoothly during outages and you can avoid the risk of losing information or device damage. With features like automatic voltage regulation and surge protection, a UPS ensures your sensitive electronics stay safe and operational. 


  • Snug Mini DC UPS - 18W : This mini UPS not only supports devices with USB inputs, routers and modems, but it also provides overload and short circuit protection. This UPS can keep a 12V router powered up for up to 3 hours and 45 minutes.  
  • The Snug 36W Mini DC UPS - 36W : this is another perfect power backup solution designed to keep essential low-power devices running smoothly. With this UPS you can use routers, CCTV cameras, LED lights, charge smartphones and other uses for various devices. The UPS is compact, portable, easy to use and has a battery level indicator. 

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Power Banks Portable power banks are essential during load shedding, offering a convenient way to keep your phones and other USB-powered devices charged on the go. Wherever you are, a high-capacity power bank can provide the extra power you need to stay connected and productive until the power comes back on. A power bank not only gives your devices an extended battery life but it also gives the convenience needed to get through every load-shedding stage. Dress Your Tech has a versatile range of power banks to stay charged:  


  • LOOPD 4LED Indicator Power bank - 20000mAh: this compact and sleek power bank is compatible with most devices and enables you to charge two devices simultaneously and gives you close to 5 charges. 
  • Samsung PD Powerbank - 10000mAh: this super-fast charging power bank will give your devices an instant power boost as you go about your day and the power bank itself recharges just as fast. 
  • Snug Square Digital PD Powerbank - 10000mAh: charge up to 3 devices at the same time with this power bank that’s also compatible with devices that support PD Fast Charge and has a LED display showing the battery charge status. 

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Additional Survival Tips - Higher stages of load shedding (stages 4 to 6) impact appliances in ways that will affect appliances in ways that will require more energy when load shedding finishes which not only negatively impacts the appliances but also adds to the household’s energy consumption and ultimately the bill. The longer the load shedding, the longer the appliances like geysers, stoves and fridges are off, therefore by the time the electricity comes back, the appliances need to return to their optimal temperatures which increases consumption; a geyser can account for up to 40% of electricity consumption and stage 6 load shedding means the geyser needs to restart approximately every 4 hours. Charging devices and electronic equipment after load shedding has ended also adds to the energy use. Energy conservation benefits the environment, keeps the monthly electricity bill low, decreases electricity consumption and keeps the load shedding stages low (hopefully); here are some useful ways to save on energy use:  

  • Don't open your fridge constantly during load shedding as this stops it from maintaining its cool and will require more electricity to bring it up to its optimal temperature once load shedding ends. 
  • Don't use electricity to run heavy appliances during peak times. With a time-of-use tariff, you pay more during peak hours.  
  • Get a gas stove and use gas for cooking. It is cheaper than electricity and allows you to cook during load shedding.  
  • Use solar geysers instead of electric geysers as you save up to 40 percent of your electricity bill.  
  • Avoid Overloading Circuits: the sudden restoration of power can lead to overloaded circuits, which may damage devices.  


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Loadshedding tends to disrupt daily life in so many inconvenient ways and get in the way of productivity, but it doesn’t have to. Alternative power sources not only give you an extra energy boost but also help protect your devices and appliances from the damage power surges cause, as well as assist in energy conservation. Dress Your Tech has products and gadgets that can offer alternate power sources that also protect from power surges. There are also slight adjustments that can be made that will help protect appliances from the damaging effects of load shedding, with the added benefit of conserving power. We’ve got you covered through every stage.  


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